Being an open ed Lurky Loo

Lisa M. Lane

I have a habit of dropping on online conferences to which I wasn’t invited. It’s so easy to do, and it’s fun! So far, no one has asked me to leave….

It used to be because of Twitter. I’ve hung out at professional development workshops for SDSU, because Jim Julius posted a link. I follow Alec Couros around a lot, and the EdTech Posse crew, showing up sometimes if they’re presenting in Ustream or somewhere I can lurk. Now it’s because of Buzz — I’m lurking over at the U of Hawaii open conference now thanks to Greg Walker. Greg, Distance Education Coordinator/ Educational Technology Developer at Leeward Community College in Hawaii, posts on Twitter, too; that’s just not where I found out.

Greg said, “spread the word”. He’s got a 6-week open workshop for U of Hawaii CC faculty running for about one more week with a mini-conference webinar as the culminating activity, and cool guest facilitators like fellow chocoholic Nancy White and Alec Couros. Even the technologies are open. It’s all laid out on a wiki at Google Sites. Greg’s video reflections are at There are some very cool open resources I hadn’t read (I’m old-fashioned, so I’d better buy more printer ink), including Nancy White’s (cc Full Circle Associates 2002), the Wikiuniversity course Facilitating Online and a collaborative book posted in Scribd called What Matters Now.

Lurk and learn, that’s my new motto.

[Update: as I was posting this, Greg Walker invited me to present at the workshop, which I’ll do next Wednesday…I guess I won’t just be lurking!]