A Second-Day Survey of Students

Since I have planned a blog as a posting place, and in-class activities involving laptops, and since I am once again over-enrolled (40 students), I gave a survey to the 37 students in class today. Here’s what I learned.

Only half (18) have taken English 100 or 202, indicating many in the class are not prepared for college level writing. That was the bad news. The rest is good.

All but one answered correctly a quick question referring to Monday’s lecture.

The technology questions went well too:

  • 33 own or have access to a laptop they can bring to class
  • 30 use Facebook
  • 36 use email and text messaging
  • 37 use a cell phone
  • 34 have their cell phone with them in class every day
  • 34 or so check their email at least daily

This means the laptop projects should work, and I’ll consider using their phones as clickers. I’ll also consider asking them to use their phones to look things up, even though I tried that last semester with a student who had an iPhone, and he had no idea how to use it that way! I have already set up a Facebook group and linked it from the class website, but I have not yet mentioned it in class — I want to see what happens.

I also had one privacy question.  34 students were OK with having their real name appear on their posted homework, which is on a blog on the open web. Only three needed privacy. (I give this option because I have students who are being stalked, who have people under restraining orders who want to know where they are when, and nasty things like that — if they want privacy, I respect that!)

However, in a small test of Creepy Treehouse Effect, I also asked which of the above technology they like being used for class purposes, and most wanted to just use email.

Email, of course, is for old people. And, it seems, school!

2 thoughts on “A Second-Day Survey of Students

    1. I do not believe so. FERPA covers grades or records held by the institution (this is neither), and have been interpreted to mean final grades rather than student work. Peer grading that is open to the class has been approved (the Owasso Independent School District v. Falvo case) and FERPA is not an individual privacy right (Gonzaga University v. Doe). Although there is no specific ruling yet on this particular issue, I won’t be concerned until case law changes.


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