Did you bring enough for everyone?

This semester, in my on-site San Elijo class, I got the usual notice from Disabled Student Services saying I have a student in my class who needs a notetaker.

It’s actually been awhile since I’ve gotten such a request. Usually the requests are for extended time on tests. In my online class, this doesn’t matter because my tests aren’t timed, and at San Elijo we can always make an accomodation.

But a note taker? I lecture on the fly. I did spend time last semester teaching them to take notes. Well, OK…

So I made the announcement and asked who might want to take notes. The reward is either $50 or a letter of recommendation for your file. Two students indicated interest. One was taking his notes that day on a laptop. He also was an Honors student, introduced himself, and asked for class time to advertise the Honors program. He said he wouldn’t take too much of my time in class. I told him the time in class is our time, not my time, and please do.

Then it occurred to me. He’s taking notes on a laptop, not scribbling on the silly duplicate forms they give notetakers. So we can post them for everyone, not just the disabled student. I asked our new notetaker, and he said he wouldn’t mind at all.

So now we have a resource for everyone.