Simple broadcasting from class

Sometimes students need to stay home. In fact, my “don’t you dare come to class sick” policy says they must.

I’ve been finding ways of broadcasting my class so they can attend from home, and this is the simplest yet.

I set up my laptop with built-in webcam and just open a room in TinyChat. I click “Start Broadcasting”, and it selects my camera and broadcasts to whoever is in the TinyChat room. This is the same thing we’ve been using for groups to contact group members at home, just with the camera on me.

Audio has been trickier. The audio pickup on my iMac isn’t good at a distance, though it’s better than the omnidirectional mic I tried, which is obviously better for meetings where the mic is 6 feet or less away.

2 thoughts on “Simple broadcasting from class

  1. Great information here! The first thing that I thought of was the idea of students trying to act sick and miss school. (I know I tried it as a kid!) This could be a great way to make sure they do not miss any classes, sick or not.

    Thanks for the posting.


  2. I admit that some of my thinking was indeed putting the burden for what happens in class back on the students, and more than just “get the notes from someone”. If it’s important enough for me to be there, it’s important enough for them to attend from wherever they are. No excuses. 🙂


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