nEver-ending search for pdf annotation

Not happy with converting pdfs using Google docs so I can annotate them in Diigo – it’s too hard and looks lousy.

So I’m trying Evernote, which Everyone has been telling me to try for years. Of course, Everyone has a smart phone and I don’t.

With Evernote the workflow for accessing a pdf I’ve annotated is two-step:

1. Download PDF to a computer
2. Annotate it there (in Preview for Mac – at least Preview can do that in 10.5)
3. THEN put it into a Notebook in Evernote

It holds the annotations so I can at least access an annotated document from Everywhere, even if I can’t annotate the document from Everywhere.

However, this could be a Good Thing. It means I have to sit and annotate the whole pdf all at once. That involves focus and concentration, which aren’t a bad idea when reading an article with, say, a sustained argument.

So in this case, the tool might be a little bulky for workflow, but as there’s no better way, I can take advantage of its Ever-attentive nature.

2 thoughts on “nEver-ending search for pdf annotation

    1. Ah, thanks for the reminder! Yes, I could use Crocodoc or something like it. It’s just that all my other stuff (everything on the web) is annotated and stored in Diigo, so I’m trying to get everything in one place. But, if that continues to prove stupid and cumbersome, I’ll head straight for Crocodoc.

      UPDATE 10/14/2011 Having proved stupid and cumbersome with Evernote, I have successfully been uploading pdfs to Crocodoc and annotating them with the Diigolet.


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