Those crazy comments

The purpose of having multiple blogs in a class is two-fold: have people control their own space by running their own blogs, and have discussion take place in those spaces. We do the discussion part by posting comments on other people’s blogs.

But once we comment, we leave. Then what if the person answers our comment? How do we know? How can conversation happen if we don’t know the other person is talking?

Some blogs have a “subscribe to this post” button or a “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”. That’s handy. But what if that option isn’t available?

This is where a comment tracking service can come in handy. I used to use Cocomment (I even foolishly posted a tutorial on it), but on my Mac OS 10.5, it broke. So I’ve switched to co.comments, which works more easily.

In co.comments, you sign up, go to Tools/Settings, then drag a “bookmarklet” or “menulet” (just a piece of code that says “Track co.mments”) to the bar of your browser (for some reason, the one for Internet Explorer works for Chrome). When you go to someone’s blog to leave a comment, you can click “Track co.mments” and it follows that page from then on, letting you know (if you click Recheck) when there are new comments after yours. And it shows them all right there.

This way I can try to follow all the wonderful conversations!