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Our assignment for this week at Pedagogy First! is to make a short FAQ. Mine is huge.

But the question that’s come up a couple of times now, at least for those who aren’t experienced at HTML, is how to get that cool effect where a student clicks on a linked Q at the top, and the cursor bounces to the corresponding A at the bottom. This is called an internal link or an anchored link.

Here’s how to create those links in a FAQ using OpenOffice. This can then be copied and pasted into a blog post or Dreamweaver.

9 thoughts on “Making a FAQ

  1. Handy to remember copy/pasting html into blog or other html compose screen. Kompozer is another free html composer, Mozilla based, less garbage code than Microsoft.

    You can also use targeted links to anchors like standalone URLs to embed and anyplace asking for a page link. Anchors are also an easy way to improve page navigation.


    1. I asked Laura Paciorek about this, since she first suggested to me that OpenOffice could do stuff like this when another faculty member asked us about it after a workshop. Laura says that it’s great for creating accurate HTML and converting to PDF. She says having to create your own watermark is inconvenient but totally doable.


  2. IT is huge! I love how it organized though and very informative! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Mostly a combination of default / inertia, because it is free (but not as big a download as Open Office) and I am already used to Mozilla (less exhausting for aging and easily exhausted learning curve), but I have been using a combination of Kompozer, ad hoc html coding searches … and even remembering the ones I use the most. I end up learning a fair amount of code on the hoof by switching back and forth between wysiwyg and html views

    Word does the targeted anchor thing too with header settings but there is all that garbage code (but free online code cleaning software too)


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