A Hangout Video: Differences Between Online and On-site Pedagogy

Some members of the POT certificate class met in a Google Plus Hangout last week to talk about the differences between online and on-site pedagogy, and two of us tried to record it (myself, using Screenflow, and Walter Muryasz, using Snapz Pro).

On Walter’s video, he was never seen in the big window, because it was his computer (I think), and the visual quality wasn’t that good. On my video, I was never seen in the big window, though the video quality was better. On Walter’s video, he could not be heard. On my video, I could not be heard. In my case, I realized this was because I had not checked the button for recording microphone audio, only computer audio. I feared echo.

Which is funny, since the only way to get a full audio recording for this was to use Audacity to combine the audio from both videos.  There was echo anyway even before I did that, and loud sounds of people sniffing (including me), clearing throats, rustling papers, but…

What the hell. We got a recording, and it was a damned good discussion. I’m also going to upload it to YouTube to see if I can get it to caption, at least at a rudimentary level.

Differences Between Online and On-site Pedagogy from Program for Online Teaching on Vimeo.