Following those comments

Since the demise of CoComment and co.mments, it’s been as difficult as it used to be to follow comments on blogs.

Fact is, if people don’t put a subscribe or email followup button on their blog, it’s impossible.

The only solution I’ve found, especially for the POT Cert Class where we have many blogs and lots of commenting, is to make a Google Reader feed bundle out of the comment feeds.

Each WordPress and Blogger blog has a separate feed for all the comments. You can find them by adding “/comments/feed” to a or Edublog URL, or “/?feed=comments-rss2” to a URL, or “/feeds/comments/default/” to a Blogger URL.

It wasn’t all fun and glory. Typepad, unfortunately, only has comment feeds for individual posts, not for the whole blog. Also, these feeds pull in all comments from the blog, not just the ones related to the “potcert” tag (anyone know how to change that?)

I added each participants’ feed into Google Reader and made a bundle, available here.

Although I appreciate Google’s ability to do this, I don’t like reading anything as a bundle or in their Reader. I much prefer Netvibes. So I took the RSS feed from the bundle, and put it into Netvibes:

Not ideal, but at least I can see what’s up on the blogs!

2 thoughts on “Following those comments

  1. I think this is a clever workaround, Lisa. I guess I won’t be happy until I have a graphic representation so I can see where the hot and cold spots are — and zoom in and out to read the whole blog/comment. Sort of a Pearltree, Twittergram on sterioids. I don’t ask for much πŸ˜‰


  2. Thank-you for putting this together and sharing it with us. I found the bundle helpful last year and I’m glad to see it here again.


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