Fun with YouTube: the pure embed

I like using YouTube clips for my classes, but I don’t like the clutter: links to other videos when it’s done playing, the title showing at the top, low quality. So I play with the embed code:


See what I’ve added after the video code, ending with the ?
rel=0 > YouTube adds this when you deselect the “show related videos” on the embed code

vq=hd720 > means to show it in maximum resolution or HQ if it has it

showinfo=0 > to get rid of the title showing at the top of the clip

That’s better.

2 thoughts on “Fun with YouTube: the pure embed

  1. Ooooh, I didn’t know it was possible to do the showinfo thing. Very nice!

    I like to put things in playlists, so if they do watch until the end of a video (glory hallelujah!), there will then be another one to watch. Here’s my accumulating playlist of Fall16 announcement videos for example (I do at least one video in each day’s announcements):

    So when I link to the video, it brings the list with it (and same also when embedded; “share with playlist” is the default for embedding from a playlist):

    Random Canvas thing: has your admin turned on the ability to have course image instead of the color block? We just got that turned on this week! I like it better than just being a purple (or green or whatever) block! 🙂


    1. We’re still waiting on that one – I saw it and am really looking forward to a better visual cue. It’s not available in the free version.


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